Speaker Information:

Twanya Hood Hill

Vice President, Leadership Development and Talent Management
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

9:10 AM Group Discussion: Leadership 2020

Without effective leadership development at all levels, organizations are at risk. In this new, always on, globally connected, fast paced world how can you keep up with the demand to train and develop your talent? What is the right leadership strategy and the right leadership development strategy needed to remain competitive in the 21st Century? During this group discussion, attendees will highlight novel leadership development methods and approaches to nimbly shift direction, and manage the constant change that directly impacts strategic business challenges. Attendees will engage in discussion on how to shake up legacy development programs to advance our next generation of leaders.
·         Hear how organizations are aligning leadership development initiatives with business goals and receive examples of direct and measurable impact on the business
·         With the availability of tons of online content, we’re able to provide the leaders in a development program with a highly tailored path
·         Discuss some of the newer initiatives to develop and reinforce agility in leaders
·         Hear how organizations can best develop the millennial generation of leaders
·         Highlight the recent trends towards internally developed and hybrid leadership approaches
·         Discuss the heightened request for executive coaching and hear how companies are developing their programs to meet the needs of senior leadership
·         What role is technology playing in leadership development?

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